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This selection of maps is from Pete Loud's GIS for Indonesia. Most of these maps are developed from The Digital Map of the World, DMW, which I developed from US military data. There are many errors and omissions in the original US military dataset, but I regularly update the maps when I get new data. The accuracy of these maps is not guaranteed, especially roads, place names and the contours of Kalimantan.

Since starting this website in 1997 I have added all sorts of extras in addition to the maps. Enjoy yourself exploring Indonesia ;-)

Map of Indonesia

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Map List

Bali icon. Jawa, Bali & Lombok
Bromo & Semeru, East Java

Funeral in Toraja Sulawesi icon. Sulawesi

Kalimantan icon. Kalimantan
Floating market, Banjarmasin

Wamerek, South Baliem Valley Irian icon . Irian Jaya

Orang Utan Sumatra icon. Sumatra I was into BSA motorbikes before I was into Indonesia, ;-)

Rinjani Caldera . Nusa Tenggara

Clown Trigger Fish . Maluku Hammerhead shark

Maps are being revised therefore the legend is
not consistent throughout, (but it helps ;-).

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Sea Charts/Diving Maps

These maps were digitised, using AutoCAD, from a variety of Sea Charts at different scales. Often the depth lines are not continuous therefore filling with colour is a problem. Where maps overlap they are so different one might wonder whether they really are the same place. This means that they are not particularly accurate. There are instances where I've found the position of islands and reefs, on these official sea charts, to be 800m out of position compared with GPS readings. So be careful if you are sailing at night! After digitising, the maps were exported to MapInfo and to ArcView to pretty them up. I much prefer MapInfo.

The problem is that the full map is made to be plotted about 1m x 1m, so when I try to put it into a raster image to fit on your monitor the details disappear. You get a lot of sea with just very small islands and reefs. A GIS, like MapInfo or ArcView, is great, you can zoom in to any part you wish and have everything. Then when you click on an island, reef or dive site you can have a table of data associated with the island/reef or dive or whatever. It means you can keep your dive log incorporated in the map, Neat! Keep looking, I'm working on producing more of these screen sized images.

Clown Trigger Fish Spermonde Archipelago (off Ujung Pandang, Sulawesi)
Taka Bone Rate (between South Sulawesi & Flores) Hammerhead Shark

Map of PELNI Ferry Routes

PELNI provides a convenient and cheap way of travelling around Indonesia. Once aboard I have found passengers to be very pleasant and friendly, and I had fewer hassles than experienced in other forms of transport. Buying tickets can be a hassle and at national holidays the ferries can be very crowded.

This map has not been fully developed and some routes may have changed.
Check out the timetable, this timetable didn't give complete answers when I tried it.



I was up there in February this year, (2010) but I didn't wait around for the eruption.
If it has a major eruption it could destroy Yogyakarta, so check out my photos of Yogya now.

Traveller's Tales

Cap Batik
Javanese Cap Batik, and Batik Cap.

While working in Central Java in 1989 I collected Cap Batik. They are stamps used in the making of batik. They are fascinating. Check out this latest addition to my website on Indonesia.

Gamelan Music

If you have a soundcard and Real Audio installed you can listen to a couple of snatches of Gamalan music from Java.

MusicDegung from West Java, 60k

Gendhing from Central Java, 118k

Photos of Yogyakarta, Java
The Kraton.

People, at The Kraton
Old Bird Market

Batik Tulis,
Yogyakarta, Java

Javanese Cap Batik

Sulawesi, Indonesia

Becak Makassar
People, Makassar
Food, Makassar

Fish Market, Makassar

Toraja, Sulawesi

Boat Building In Sulawesi, c.1995
Boat Building, 1995

Boat Building, 1995

West Paupa, c.1996
Baliem Valley,
West Papua

The Market, Wamena, Baliem Valley
Baliem Valley,
West Papua

Assorted, Indonesia, c.1995

BSA Motorcycles
in Sumatra

Other Information on Indonesia


Personal comment

Hi Guys,

For the first time in ages, ( it's now Aug. 2007), I have looked at my website and realise that it needs a major revision. I started this in 1997, simply writing the html code. It now looks very dated and has lots of basic mistakes. I need to restructure my whole website, but now there are over 200 web-pages and hundreds of photographs so it is a big job. For all of its faults it's not that bad so the big revision will have to wait. Now my latest interest is photography, check out my photos website below, these Indonesian pictures were just holiday snaps I took while working out there.

At present, April 2005, I'm in UK taking it easy and reaping the benefits of being retired. I am learning to play the fiddle and concertina, working on a book of Northumbrian and Celtic fiddle tunes and repairing concertinas. I also spend my time map-making just because I find it interesting and enjoyable. I'm often at a loose end, so if your company, anywhere in the world, is looking for an MIS/GIS specialist please contact me.

A while back I had assignments in The Philippines, The Maldives, working with UNHCR in Timor, and The Bahamas. While travelling around South East Asia, I found time to sail across the Indian Ocean, from Bali to Mauritius.

For a while I haven't had much time to develop my maps of Indonesia. I got caught up in making a set of maps of the world in MapInfo format, and afterwards ESRI Shapefile format, for commercial purposes. Check out my latest Digital Maps of the World. More recently I cobbled together a website with maps & information on the tsunami, as mentioned at the beginning.

If any of you who visit my web site have access to any GIS data for Indonesia which will help me to improve my maps I would be delighted if you sent me a copy.

For a long, long time I have been neglecting my 'Maps of Indonesia' website, which is sad because this was my first website. I keep sticking in changes without having a serious rethink of what it's all about. My latest addition are a few holiday snapshots from '89-2000. After a holiday in Yogya in 2010 and another in South Sulawesi in 2012/3 I have added some more recent photographs. Check out my photos website listed below.

Recently I have found several web sites ripping-off and using using my maps and photos without authority so I'm having to fiddle around with the maps & photos to discourage this. I apologise if this creates a few problems. Please don't rip-off my maps & photos, they represent a considerable amount of work.

Selamat Jalan

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