Panoramic Photographs
Peter Loud

Milton Keynes

The special feature of these photographs are the spherical panoramas that show the full scene, in front, behind, to the right, the left, above and below you. It is a relatively new and complicated photographic technique that is ideally suited to church interiors.

The panoramas can be viewed on the great majority of computers. The panorama files are normally 1-2MB and can be slow to download if you don't have broadband. Please be patient, they're worth the wait :-)

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St. Mary Magdalene


Panoramic Virtual Tour

St James's

New Bradwell

St. Andrew's

Great Linford

St Thomas's


All Saint's

Milton Keynes Village

St Mary's


Holy Trinity Church

Old Wolverton,

St Lawrence's


All Saints Church

Bow Brickhill

Near Milton Keynes

Buddhist Temple


Milton Keynes

... and few other places of prayer in distant places.

Northumbrian Churches, UK.

St. Mary's Church, Potton,

Cheah Kongsi,
Penang, Malaysia

Teo Chew Kongsi
Penang, Malaysia

Yeoh Kongsi,
Penang, Malaysia

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